友: 喉頭發出嗯嗯~(手揮兩下) <---嘴裡都是器械,是要怎樣說話?

牙醫: 還好嗎? 那妳都怎麼喝?

友: ????  (用嘴喝啊! 不然是怎樣,鼻胃管嗎?)

牙醫: 喔~那以後就跟著meal 喝~不要整天喝~ (這醫生看來是會讀心術)



我現在正在學medical microbiology,知道主要造成蛀牙的細菌是Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacillus,也知道蛀牙的原理大概就是細菌分解糖份產生酸性物質侵蝕牙齒。



好啦~沒那麼誇張啦! 不相信隨便網路傳言是真的! 不過這個topic,還真的是背後有有兩個博士跟一個發表過的學術論文~ (驕傲的咧~)

Anyway, 於是我去問了我們微生物醫學博士這是什麼道理。她就微生物學的角度覺得她也不知道這是什麼道理,所以她就幫我寫信去問她的麻吉,主攻口腔衛生牙周病的UA牙醫系教授,以下是牙醫系教授的回答。




Along those lines, eating just about anything has also been shown to have the same effect - so does one stop eating?

FYI, Green tea has actually been investigated as a form of therapy for halitosis and has some beneficial effects in that area - see attached.

The mild antibacterial activity of components of black and green teas would actually beneficial in the oral context.

However, tea drinking can and does lead to staining on tooth surfaces.

Hope this helps.

Antimicrobial properties of green tea catechins



In thinking about this question over lunch, there may be a misunderstanding at the heart of the student's question to you.

Drinking tea is unlikely to have anything other than a beneficial effect on dental plaque.

However, drinking lots of tea, lots of coffee, or lots of red wine - all of these either alone or in combination - IS associated with producing increased STAINING of teeth.

Perhaps the dentist was really talking about increased staining as a result of tea drinking.

While unsightly, staining is not of itself harmful. People do pay dentists to remove such staining from their teeth. A lot of the market for tooth whitening products also addresses this area.

Just to complete the picture: In the pre-fluoride days, some degree of brown staining in the mouths of children was actually suggested as indicating caries resistance. Then along came the first commercial fluoridated toothpastes - they contained stannous fluoride - and they were associated with some staining.

Interesting question.



結論就是,喝茶其實還預防蛀牙唷!! 但是喝太多茶造成牙齒上的茶漬,是不好的,所以,這是要常常去洗牙的意思嗎?!





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